Top 3 Filipino Restaurants in NYC

IHawan (718-205-1480)

At the Ihawan you will not only find delicious glazed pork with fried rice and beautifully fried fish, but you will find a friendly, professional atmosphere awaiting your business. Some famous recipes that are highly requested at the IHawan are lumpiang Shanghai, Filipino spring rolls and the amazing avacado shake with shaved ice, condensed milk and avacado all blended together. Remember when ordering from the menu that each and every recipe is full of unique ingredients that will send your taste buds on a wild ride.

Krystals Cafe 81 (212-473-4900)

At Krystals Cafe you will find that breakfast is served all day for those of you customers who prefer pancakes over a medium-rare steak. Alongisde of the conveince of breakfast all day, Krystals also offers their customers the restaurants famous fried pork legs with a side of white rice. Although the dish sounds simple, it is absolutely delicious beyond all words. To truly make your trip to Krystals Cafe satisfying, you have the option to try one of many styles of Filipino beers such as Red Horse which is amongst the regular customers favorites.

Purple Yam (718-940-8188)

The Purple Yam is located at 1314 Cortelyou Road in Ditmas Park. At the Purple Yam customers are able to lounge on the back patio while waiting on their favorite dishes to be served such as pancit bihon or the delicious sisig. If you are searching for a dish with noodles as the main ingredient, the kitchen staff have all the skills needed to create the perfect Filipino pasta dish for you. With the unique dishes offered by Purple Yam and the traditional Filipino atmosphere you feel as soon as you walk through the front doors, you will never leave this restaurant not satisfied.


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